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San Felipe is well known for its gorgeous sandy beaches and deep blue oceans. With a tide shift, San Felipe’s beaches are perfect for those who like to observe and collect sea shells, and explore the bottom of the Sea of Cortez. Along with its beautiful beaches, San Felipe sits in the middle of a gorgeous desert, with unique attractions like cave paintings to the North, and The Valley of The Giants to the South. San Felipe is the perfect place for nature lovers!


For most its existence, San Felipe has been a quiet fishing town, but today, it has risen in reputation as an excellent fishing spot, perfect for both pleasure fishing and sport fishing. Fishing the Sea of Cortez can be fun for the whole family! The Gulf of Mexico has calm, relaxing waters, loaded with a wide variety of fish for you to catch and bring home to eat or return to the ocean! Visit this site to learn more about fishing the Sea of Cortez!


San Felipe is home to a gorgeous seaside golf course called Las Caras de México or the “Faces of Mexico”. This 18-hole course has you playing alongside history as each hole is themed after a person who played a major role in molding Mexico into the country it is today. Come play a round, learn about Mexican history, and enjoy the beautiful ocean views!


San Felipe is considered to be one of the best places in the region to eat fresh seafood and shrimp! With a wide variety of restaurants offering seafood, gourmet and traditional Mexican cuisine, and even your American favorites, you will never go hungry in San Felipe! Come visit us in November for San Felipe’s famous Shrimp Festival and you will want to stay for the food year round! Check out some of the highest rated restaurants in San Felipe!


Take a walk along the Malecon and you will find fun shops to stop in and collect souvenirs and art! San Felipe is home to an amazing flea market where you can find gorgeous traditional Mexican arts and crafts, furniture and more. There are grocery stores where you can find most of everything you would need to stock your pantry, and if you are a Costco Member, you can stop by the Costco in Mexicali on your way to your beachside home to get all of your favorite essentials and bulk goods for your stay!


Are you an adventure junky and curious how San Felipe can help scratch the itch to explore? San Felipe offers adventures – on land and sea and in the sky! Go on a 4-wheel desert adventure, take a joy ride on a banana boat, or hop on an ultralight flight and get an adrenaline rush that will have you coming back for more! Ask our team about the many activities San Felipe has to offer. We are happy to help you have the experience of a lifetime while living your dream at Rafael By The Sea!

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Moving To San Felipe:

Are you ready to make a move to San Felipe?

There are currently about 8,000 US and Canadian citizens living in or near San Felipe and Rafael By The Sea either part or full time. Our management team is here to make the transition to a Rafael By The Sea community member as pleasant and easy as possible.

Many services are available to assist you with essentials such as auto insurance, utility connections, medical information, crossing the border, obtaining a Sentri pass, and visitation/immigration documents needed to travel/live in Baja. Contact Chris Gorno and she will help get you started on all the ins and outs of your move across the border!

Important information you will need to know about moving to San Felipe!

Access and traveling to San Felipe

There are two border crossings in Mexicali that are easy to access from Highway 8, 86, and 111. The same border crossings are accessible for your return to the US.

Get directions here: Include Google Map below.

GPS Map services will guide you across the border and to Rafael by the Sea.

Mexican Visa Information

An easily-obtained Mexican Visa is necessary in order to travel to San Felipe.

You can acquire a visa immediately after crossing the border into Mexico. To answer all your border crossings and visa-related questions visit: https://www.bajabound.com/before/

Safety Information

The corridor between Mexicali and San Felipe is one of the best kept and safest highways in all of Mexico. The road conditions are excellent thanks to recent updates to the highway. Your drive south will be smooth and enjoyable!

San Felipe boasts itself as being one of the most US-friendly cities in Mexico with almost half of its entire population being US and Canadian citizens!

Our Rafael By The Sea property is a gated community with 24/7 security guards. You will feel safe and right at home in one of our resort homes at Rafael By The Sea!

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